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Controlled Practice of techniques against each other realistically performed.


Sparring is the exciting part of Taekwon Do practice.  You get to test all the skills and knowledge that you have against equal opponents both in the club and in tournaments.

Sparring is a lot safer than it appears from the outside.  When two experienced practitioners are sparring it looks like they are knocking lumps out of each other.  In fact the control and defensive work is so effortless it is almost invisible.  That is why they can spar for hours without hurting each other.

A Taekwon Do match is more than merely a contest of skill and power.  It is also an aesthetic display of a martial art, not unlike fencing, with an honourable tradition.  There is a certain beauty in aggressive yet controlled sparring, in well executed patterns, or in the awesome spectacle of flying kicks and breaking techniques.  Though the contest itself and the competitive spirit of all participants is important, students should also enjoy the match and take advantage of it for making new acquaintances within the brotherhood of Taekwon-Do” - General Choi Hong Hi.  Taken from the encyclopaedia of Taekwon-Do.

Everyone loves to see a knock out although they are so rare.

UK ITF finals Night 2013.  To see who makes the UK team.

Sparring is always a controlled event in the club.  The sparring is performed at the level of the lower grade of the two competitors.  So a white belt should not fear facing a black belt.  The black belt will ‘tone it down’ to give the white belt adequate chance to practice their techniques properly and get their timing right.  There is also pre-set one-step, two-step and three-step sparring that is used to help the beginners increase their repertoire of moves and improve their confidence and capabilities.  No one is thrown in at the deep end and everyone is looked after right from the start to ensure your safety and best practice.