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The demonstration of power using trained techniques against wooden boards or bricks.

Knifehand Strike

Taekwon Do is one of the most powerful martial arts in the world.  This is supported by scientific studies so we know that the human body can generate a huge amount of force when trained to do so.  Although this can be unleashed on another person it is far safer to demonstrate this against objects with a measurable force.  

All beginners look at breaking and think that it is easy.  Then they take up position ready to break and then their opinion quickly changes.  Not to worry though.  Your instructor is looking after you and will only put you forward for things you are capable of.

The legendary ITF team demonstrating their breaking skills in 2009.  

Destruction is often used in demonstrations to show the power of Taekwon Do.

The instructor has compiled some simple videos that you can use as reference for learning the basic breaking moves.  They are not intended to demonstrate power but are merely a simple walk-through of the techniques so that you can see them performed in a basic and easy to learn way.  Narrated version available - members.

Yop Cha Jirugi - Side Kick

Dollyo Chagi - Turning Kick

Bandae Dollyo Chagi - Reverse Turning Kick

Sonkal Taerigi - Knifehand Strike.

The classic ‘chop’ which can be delivered inwards or outwards depending upon your perspective on the target.

Ap Joomuk Jirugi - Forefist Punch.

Everyone knows how to punch but you need to condition your knuckles first in order to punch solid objects without hurting yourself.