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Targeted Training for Adults.

Many classes focus on training kids.  We have had kids classes in the past but they have not produced the quality that we require.  The club is not about having large numbers of kids or focusing on the elite at the expense of everyone else.  The club is formed to teach quality Taekwon Do to everyone and allow everyone to achieve their goals.

Although we cannot totally exclude children we find that the training times discourage those below teenage years. In fact we actively encourage parents and children to train together.  So as a club we can concentrate on delivering quality training so that people can achieve with other like minded individuals so we can grow and develop as a club and as individual people.  

You will learn the correct way to perform a move and what and why that move is delivered in that manner.  Because of this your learning and training experience is far better and far more in-depth than many of the clubs that cater for anyone and everyone.

You will also be asked to perform an adult syllabus that includes patterns, sparring, destruction and theory work.  We actively encourage participation in competition but we respect the fact that it may not suit everyone.  That is fine, but you will at some point get the urge to give it a go and therefore we will ensure that you are safely and properly prepared to take part.

Training Times

Wednesday Night - 7.30pm - 9pm

Trestle Arts Base, Russet Drive,

St Albans.  Hertfordshire.  

Friday Night - 7.30pm - 9pm

Studio 1, Westminster Lodge

Holywell Hill,

St Albans.  Hertfordshire

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We run Adult programmes where grading every 8 weeks to help you get to black belt ..