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Targeted Training for Youths.

The children's syllabus is identical to the adult syllabus.  Therefore every child is assured of learning quality Taekwon Do so they can continue training uninterrupted into their adult lives and up and past black belt status.

The syllabus though has less rigourous expectations over achievement.  So each child can progress at a rate and within a timeframe that suits their own learning capability.  We find that due to training times that our classes do not suit really young children or children who have this as just another activity.  So the classes are more suited to teenagers where the child can focus on becoming good at Taekwon Do.

Children train for free when they train with a parent.  We find that children achieve more when they have a shared interest with their parent.  We also find that the parent has a better appreciation of what their child is or can achieve because they are going through the same learning experience.  This mutual support also helps drive greater family bonds and a better understanding because of this deeper appreciation of what is required to progress.

Where possible we try to buddy up beginners with more experienced people so that they have a better integration process with the club.  It also means that when they are training with a partner they have someone of equal stature they can work with which helps with performance.

Training Times

Wednesday Night - 7.30pm - 9pm

Trestle Arts Base, Russet Drive,

St Albans.  Hertfordshire.  

Friday Night - 7.30pm - 9pm

Studio 1, Westminster Lodge

Holywell Hill,

St Albans.  Hertfordshire

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Kids train for free when they train with a parent.  We also offer discount rates for brothers/sisters..