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Mr Sheehan - VI Degree

The instructor for St Albans is Mr Sheehan - 6th Degree. The St Albans School was set up in January 2004. The club was different in it's approach to how Taekwon Do was taught and the club was set up and organised in order to meet the needs of the people who were most likely to attend.

Not only is Mr Sheehan a very experienced instructor but also a very highly experienced competitor.  Fairly unique in this area, Mr Sheehan is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor.  It is this combination of qualities that provides you with a safe and enjoyable environment within which you can thrive and develop your skills.  

It also means that the practice is based upon current best practice and the old-style methods of training that are likely to create injuries have long since gone.  He first started training under Alan Ross with the UKTA, continued his development under Tham Ying Au, one of the first female Grandmasters in existence with the BUTF and is now with the UK ITF under Grandmaster Nichols.  He has also trained in other martial arts over the years including Aikido and Kick Boxing and still keeps in shape with running, cycling and adventure racing.  

In his own words “My first few years of training in Taekwon Do were unspectacular to say the least.  I was originally the youngest person in the club and gradings and tournaments were few and far between.  Equally, other clubs were a long way away so trying to gain experience outside my club was very difficult.  As a result, up to blue belt progress was slow and tournament results a little disappointing.  

At Blue Belt though it finally started to ‘click into place’.  I started training more seriously and the results started to change.  As a result in 1993 I achieved 3 gold medals in one tournament and became the overall English champion.  As a young Black Belt I attended every tournament I could.  I was training furiously with my team mate Dave Ryan who went on to become middleweight world kick boxing champion.  More often than not the caretakers would be throwing us out of training halls because we wanted ‘just one more round’!  Throughout this time I enjoyed a very successful time on the open tournament scene gaining plenty of medals and overall titles.  

In 1996 circumstances allowed me to take over control of the Watford club where I first started training.  Shortly after that I added a sister club to Watford, Abbots Langley.  When I moved to St Albans I then added the St Albans and Hatfield clubs into the portfolio and enjoyed a long period of success as both a senior competitor and team coach.

In 2014 I realised that I needed to gain access to the wider world of Taekwon Do.  We left the BUTF, an excellent organisation with whom I had grown up and joined the UK ITF”.

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