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A series of offensive and defensive moves against imaginary opponents to demonstrate your skill.  


Controlled Practice of techniques against each other realistically performed.


The demonstration of power using trained techniques against wooden boards or bricks.


Take part in tournaments, gradings and seminars in order to grow and develop as a better practitioner.

Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events.

Please check in at the club and check the club news for upcoming events.  We are constantly being invited to attend new tournaments and seminars and the calendar is constantly changing.  


Short Term and Long Term Objectives.

Your training will be conducted in a safe and effective manner and will be geared around achieving specific goals.  Every class will feature the basics of:

Depending upon what we have planned then we may focus more on certain elements.  For instance when there are senior gradings then the seniors will focus more on destruction because they need that discipline to pass to their next belt.  At the start of the year then it is refresher basics and fitness work. Before a tournament then it is fitness and sparring work.  All of the classes are planned with the purpose of achieving a short term learning experience whilst being integral to a longer term development program.  All of which is performed at your own pace.  You are under no pressure and can progress at a tempo that suits your skill and learning style.

Side Kick


Knifehand Strike

Taekwon Do Trophies